What is xchain.io?

Similar to a BTC block explorer, xchain is one of the most popular Counterparty block explorers used by the community for Counterparty functions, tokens and addresses at this time.

Freewallet uses xchain to show all of this information within the wallet itself. This also means tokens can utilize the Enhanced Asset Description function to incorporate Images, JavaScript, IPFS, Ordinals and a lot other types of information within tokens.

xchain.io is an explorer specifically for information coded in the OP_Return function of Bitcoin transactions, which is what Counterparty transactions are.

Counterparty transaction information is all public just like the Bitcoin blockchain is, because Counterparty transaction info lives within individual Bitcoin transactions.

There are a few other Counterparty Block Explorers that show a significant amount of Counterparty information such as:

That information can be Counterparty Asset sends, supply, token issuances, market orders, broadcasts, descriptions, and many more functions.

At the moment xchain does NOT show Numeric asset information, which includes any Stamps held on addresses. The information for those numeric assets is viewable on the other Counterparty explorers mentioned above.

To learn more about how to read, analyze and properly use xchain feel free to learn more by watching this video tutorial by RobotLoveCoffee.

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