My second transaction on an MPMA (Multi-send) is not getting confirmed and giving me an error

Recently there was a bug found relating to Multi-sends. You can read more about it with this issue request on the Freewallet Github Issues section and this issue request that is on the Counterparty-core Github Issues page.

This issue usually shows this error message below:

  • It has been reported that if you "remove" or temporily "unadd" the hardware wallet address in Freewallet that this issue goes away. This is even the case when you are trying to do a multi-send from ANY address on your Freewallet. This fix has not worked for every user.

At the moment this issue is unsolved and the community has found this to be a work-around for a temporary fix for users with Hardware addresses linked.

If you do end up seeing this error, it has been asked by the Counterparty Developers to observe and save the Debug data after running into this error with Freewallet.

It would also the best to comment on those issue requests linked above in the Counterparty-core and Freewallet Issue sections with your transaction information and Debug data.

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