What is Freewallet?

Freewallet is an open-source wallet for use with Bitcoin (BTC), Counterparty (XCP) and all Counterparty User Created Assets (Named, Subasset and Numeric). The entire history of releases are published on the official Freewallet website, and on the official Freewallet Github.

Freewallet is built using Javascript, Bitcoin libraries and Counterparty software. It is available for all major desktop and mobile platforms, though the Desktop Version (0.9.29) is the most updated and recent version that is recommended to use. This Gitbook User Manual only goes over the functionality of this most recent Desktop Version.

Freewallet handles transaction signing locally, which means your passphrase and private keys never leave your computer. For extra security, watch-only addresses and hardware wallet integration is also supported. Freewallet is simply another “skin” of Counterwallet (both are Counterparty wallets) and any addresses, private keys or 12-word phrases made in Counterwallet can be used with Freewallet and vice versa.

Freewallet desktop is the most up-to-date and community supported wallet by Counterparty at this time.

Though keep in mind there are some features that other Counterparty wallets has that Freewallet does not.

All sends, actions, trades and functions with the counterparty decentralized exchange from Freewallet use a secure automatic escrow system within the Bitcoin blockchain, which means that unlike centralized exchanges, no middleman is ever required for any features included.

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