Does Freewallet support two-factor authentication?

No, and Freewallet does not plan to offer any 3rd party solutions like 2FA. Two-factor authentication solutions all require a centralized 3rd party for code validations which would mean Freewallet users would have to enter private information and give up identifying info. This goes against the security and theory of what Counterparty and Freewallet is used for which is decentralized transactions on top of a decentralized network (Bitcoin).

Freewallet is a deterministic wallet which means you can only access or recover your Bitcoin and Assets with your 12 word phrase. While Freewallet does allow you to create an 'in-app' password to lock your account, your 12 word phrase will always be your login and the password exists only as a barrier for your single instance of Freewallet. For more information about viewing and securing your 12 word phrase, be sure to check out the Displaying the Seed Phrase and Private Key of your Address(s) section of this User Manual.

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