I entered my created password and stuck on "You will need to unlock..."

If you have entered your correct password and the pop-up showing "Your wallet is now unlocked and available for use" but the wallet is still showing as locked, this issue has been seen by a few users and has a fix. This issue usually happens with older versions, but has a simple process to fix since version 0.9.26 1. Upgrade to the most recent desktop version of Freewallet See the Freewallet desktop github releases page for details on each release. 2. Logout by pressing the 'power' icon in the top right of Freewallet

  1. Make sure you have written down and saved your passphrase and all imported addresses as this will not be recoverable after this point

  1. Login again with your 12-word passphrase as explained in the Creating a Wallet section

  2. Create a new password as explained in the Locking and Unlocking Your Freewallet

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