Constructed transaction does not parse correctly

This error which usually shows as: "Error composing send transaction via API: Constructed transaction does not parse correctly: ..... "

This error is at the protocol level and has become prevalent with some recent changes to counterparty-core.

While the Counterparty developing community has seen this issue across many wallets and are actively engaged in diagnosing and fixing this issue, there is a solution when using Freewallet.

The technical explanation for this error and solution explained by Jdog is as follows: "Any users who want to use (on v9.61.3) to generate transactions instead of (10.0.1) can update your settings to match the screen below. These settings changes should have less problems in the short-term with generating transactions. The default API host will remain for now, as I believe these issues will be resolved relatively quickly now that the devs have been made aware of some of the problems users are having generating transactions."

The steps to fix this include changing your Server Settings in Freewallet.

  • First reference the Counterparty API Communication Error section of this User Manual and make sure your Server settings for CP SSL are set correctly:

  • Enable - CP SSL: Yes Enable - Use SSL: Yes Make sure it is enabled on Mainnet and Testnet

  • Next make sure your CP Host is set to instead of

It may be needed to also restart your Freewallet program or even your Computer after setting these settings with these correct inputs shown above.

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