Why can't I see my assets I own or created with 0 issuance?

With the recent rise in popularity recently for issuing Numeric assets, many users are creating a significant amount of Alphabetical assets with 0 issuance.

While these assets with zero issuance (Alphabetical or Numeric) are still visible on the Blockchain and Counterparty Block Explorers like xchain, they are not visible in Freewallet at this time.

If you are looking to create more issuance to a token, you can still use Freewallet to do so:

  • You have to own the Token Ownership of the token you would like to issue more of

  • The token must be unlocked

Review the Issuing More Token Units section in which you will have to use the “Actions” tab in the upper right, then select “Issue Supply” and manually type the Token you wish to increase the supply of in the “Token Name” input.

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