Destroying Tokens

While in the past users would send to “burn addresses” to burn or destroy their tokens, Freewallet now has the action available to permanently “Destroy Unit Issuance” of tokens.

This action is irreversible. It is possible to for any user to destroy any token they possess.

To Destroy Supply of a Token in Freewallet, navigate to the top right “Actions” icon and select the action “Destroy Token Supply”.

You can also right click the Asset in the left panel and select “Destroy TOKEN supply"

  • First check that your source address is the address that holds the Token and the address you would like to Destroy from.

  • Make sure in the Token Name field it is the correct token you would like to Destroy Supply of.

  • Next, check and verify the Amount you would like to destroy.

  • You can also add a Memo to this destructive process, be careful as this Memo is public on the blockchain and will be displayed when looking up the destruction transaction info. Memo length is limited to 32 single-byte characters long using the destroy function.

It is common for projects to require users to burn an asset and to include a very specific memo when burning from the address the submission asset was minted from.

You can also choose the BTC Fee you wish to use. If you have questions about what BTC fee to use, reference the What BTC fee should I use? section of this User Manual.

Once you have verified all the above information, click “Destroy” and the transaction will be broadcast to the Bitcoin Network.

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