Viewing Tokens

If you would like to learn more about a token you have, right click the token from the left panel of Freewallet and then click "View TOKEN information"

You will then be able to see basic information about the token such as the description, total issuance, whether it is locked or divisible, and other asset properties.

This information is the same as the information shown on xchain for the specific tokens you are viewing. You can click the “More Info” button at the top to see the asset’s page on xchain.

If you are interested in what “Enhanced Asset Information” is, please refer to the guide Exploring Token Information and Enhanced Asset Information.

Disclaimer: All token information is provided by the creator and/or owner of the individual token and may not be accurate or up to date. Changing this information is an exclusive privilege of the address which owns the token on the blockchain. All counterparty tokens are stored entirely in the Bitcoin blockchain and cannot be limited, restricted, or altered by anyone except their owner in any shape or form.

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