My transaction is too low of an "Effective Fee Rate"

This issue happens specifically with longform asset descriptions when minting a token, but also has been seen when doing very longform Broadcasts using Counterparty.

This issue has been discussed at length in the Freewallet Telegram chat and has two open issues (Issue#190 and Issue#197) in the Freewallet Desktop Github Issues section.

The issue has to do with specifically showing you the correct Fee rate you chose in Freewallet when looking up your minting or Broadcast transaction, but the "Effective Fee Rate" shows as something much less.

This will cause your transaction to most likely be stuck with too low of a fee.

One fix was introduced by Jdog by adding a "UTXO Usage" button in the settings and make sure it is set to "Only Confirmed" when adding a description to a token or including alot of text in a Counterparty Broadcast.

Another fix, that is most commonly used by the community is:

  • The next time you attempt to broadcast alot of data in a Broadcast or add a longform IPFS or Arweave description, simply use three times the recommended High fee setting (yes it will be expensive).

Above is the recommended setting for a High fee at this time, which happens to be 0.00011264 BTC at 44.0 sat/vb.

When minting a token with a long description, or a creating a longform Broadcast, use three times what Freewallet recommends instead. This will now show as a Custom fee, and you can simply input 0.00034 into the Fee entry manually.

If you are reading this, you probably have a transaction that is too low of a fee in the mempool already, so it is best to reference the steps explained in Help! I used too small of a fee and my transactions is not confirming! section of this User Manual.

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