"Public key was neither provided nor published in blockchain."

This issue usually shows when the Counterparty protocol has not seen the ‘public key’ for this address yet.

It can happen when you are trying to initiate a Counterparty function (Creating an Asset, Creating a Dispenser, etc.) on a new address with no previous blockchain history associated with it. This can happen if you only sent BTC to that address but this address has never sent BTC out in its history.

If you see this error all you need to do is do a BTC send FROM that new address and Freewallet will now see it’s public key published in the blockchain. After doing this the address will now be usable for Counterparty functions like Creating an Asset or Creating a Dispenser. This transaction can simply be sending BTC "to yourself", by simply sending BTC from that address back to that same address.

Freewallet will now be able to see the 'public key' for this new address and all Counterparty Functions will now be accessible.

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