My Freewallet Exchange/Dispenser tab is resetting the data when I try to sort by BTC Price?

Sometimes the Exchange and Dispenser tabs can get bugged and not return any information when clicking around the interface.

This does not mean there are no orders in these pairs or Dispensers for the ones you were searching. All of the data still exists on the blockchain and can still be viewed at or other Counterparty Block Explorers.

The issue here usually is because the user is clicking and loading too many pages and data too fast. Since a recent change with the xchain API, there is now a limit on how much data you can load per minute.

Sometimes this issue will also pop up an error regarding the DataTables:

In this situation, there are a couple of things you can do.

  • Wait a few minutes before searching again

  • Wait a few minutes and try using the Refresh button (by clicking the gear icon in the upper left of the Balances page and clicking “Refresh”)

  • Restart Freewallet

  • Restart your computer

Remember you can always click OK through the DataTables warning and manually enter the pair you wish to look up on search bar in the top right or just use or other Counterparty Block Explorers to view Counterparty information.

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