If xchain is down for maintenance, can I still access my funds?

Yes, if xchain.io is down for maintenance, your orders and assets are still there.

The Counterparty Distributed Exchange and all Counterparty transactions are actually apart of the Bitcoin blockchain. This means that Bitcoin itself would have to be shut down entirely in order for it to go offline (which is the most robust and secure cryptocurrency at this time).

Freewallet uses the xchain.io servers to update and show BTC blockchain data for all Counterparty Assets and data.

If xchain is down for maintenace you can always try looking up your Counterparty data on other Counterparty block explorers such as:

  • dankset.io Sometimes (not often) xchain undergoes an implementation of a new update, or is verifying that all BTC blocks are being parsed correctly. When this (or something similar) occurs, a banner stating “xchain is behind on updating data due to maintenance, please have patience as it will be updated shortly” will be visible on xchain.

If you are waiting on a BTC or XCP transaction at this time you can still monitor your BTC address on a block explorer to verify if a BTC or XCP transaction is confirmed or still unconfirmed on the BTC blockchain.

This is explained in detail in the What is xchain.io? section as well as the Sending and Recieving Bitcoin section of the User Manual.

You can always verify that xchain is up to date and displaying Bitcoin blocks correctly by checking here.

For checking a significant amount of hosts for Counterparty Network information including Xchain, Counterwallet and Coindaddy you can check their status here.

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