Show a QR Code for your Address

A Quick Response code, commonly known as a QR code, is an image containing scannable information. In the context of Bitcoin and Counterparty, QR codes usually represent public Bitcoin addresses. Although private keys can also be displayed as QR codes for paper wallets as well. QR codes make it easier for users on mobile devices to send BTC, XCP, or user-created assets to your address by using the built-in camera of their device.

It is also a great way to display a Bitcoin address on a poster or sign. Someone passing by will only need a camera or phone with a camera (even low resolution will do) in order to save your address for later payment. If they have a Bitcoin wallet on their device, they will be able to send BTC or Counterparty Assets immediately.

In Freewallet, the QR codes always represent your public address. You can make the QR code of an address public safely, just as you would with the regular address.

To display the QR code for your address, simply click “Address” and click "View Address".

This will show the QR code for the specific address you have selected. To view the QR code for a different address, simply double click the address you wish to view in the "Change Address" section of the Address Action section.

When you change your address (by simply double clicking on the address you desire to change to), it will now show you the contents of this address in the Balances tab and on your main screen. If it doesn't at first load up the balances when you change your address, use the refresh button using the gear icon in the upper left, or in the "History" tab in the upper left. This will refresh the data with the new data when you changed account

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