Address Balances

Your Balances tab at the top of your wallet shows your assets on the left panel of Freewallet.

Left clicking your asset with bring up the Token information on the right side of Freewallet and the information is taken directly from the xchain Counterparty block explorer.

The left panel shows in order: - your BTC balance first - your XCP balance second (if you have any XCP) - the rest of your Counterparty Named Tokens listed alphabetically

The gear icon in the upper right side of the left panel gives you the action of “Refresh Balances” as well as Viewing Options for showing specific types of assets in your wallet such as Named, Subassets and Numeric assets. At this time Numeric assets (such as Stamps) and all assets with 0 issuance will not be shown. Though you can still manually access functions for Named assets with 0 issuance by referencing Why can't I see assets I own or created with 0 issuance

If you own an Asset and a Subasset associated with that Token, a drop-down menu makes it easier to view Subassets

To see the Subasset, simply click on plus “+” icon to show the Subasset. To hide it click the minus “-“ icon.

Right clicking any of these assets gives you a few actions that Freewallet supports, in which all are explained in more detail in the Freewallet Functions section.

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