I updated Freewallet and can only see my first 20 addresses! How can I get them back?

Due to an issue with versions 0.9.24 and 0.9.25 with the lock wallet feature, when updating past those versions you will be logged out of your wallet.

You can always review the changes for each version (and downgrade if wanted) by checking the releases page on the Freewallet Desktop Github.

Since Freewallet is a deterministic wallet your 12-word phrase will generate the same addresses back when selecting "Add a new address". This is explained in detail in the Viewing, Creating and Importing Adresses section of this User Manual.

This is the case for adding Normal and Segwit addresses, so if you "cannot see them" the answer is as simple as clicking "add new address" until the one you cannot see comes back into view. You can add multple addresses at once.

Depending on how many addresses you added to the original 20 on the previous version of freewallet it may take many additions to get all the addresses back you previously used.

If you had imported addresses from a separate 12-word key using the addresses's private key you will not be able to import those automatically

These imported addresses are not tied to the 12-word key you have used to generate the addresses Freewallet shows in the user interface.

This is why it is so important to save any private keys from other addresses any time you import them into Freewallet.

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