Getting Started

Freewallet is an open-source wallet for Bitcoin and Counterparty. It uses Legacy and Segwit Bitcoin addresses, and lets you store Bitcoin, XCP, and user created tokens along with many other features.

What makes Freewallet different from many other wallets, is that the only possible way to access a wallet is by having access to the Bitcoin wallet passphrase or an address specific private key. In Freewallet, none of your private information ever leaves your PC.

For extra security, Freewallet also supports watch-only addresses, offline message signing and hardware wallet integration. The only official site for Freewallet is

The only official Github for Freewallet (Mobile and Desktop) is linked here

Freewallet is developed by Jeremy Johnson (Jdog), who was a significant historical Counterparty Developer as well as an active developer in the community to this day.

This User Manual was written by davesta with the help of Jdog and the Counterparty Community including RobotLoveCoffee, Damian, Porkchop, B0bSmith, ZeroG, Subterranean and many other amazing and helpful people.

Keep in mind this Gitbook User Manual only explains the functions of the Desktop version (0.9.31).

We have also decided to include the many helpful videos by RobotLoveCoffee and a few by RARE PEPES DOT COM as well in this User Manual.

If you would like a quick video overview of the different wallets you can use side by side with Freewallet and their functions, please check out this introductory explanation by RobotLoveCoffee.

Take note this video goes over Freewallet Mobile version as well as the Desktop version.

If you have any questions or would like to submit feedback on how to make this guide better please reach out in the Official Freewallet Telegram or post your ideas, feedback and issues on the Freewallet Github. The coding, troubleshooting, documentation, issues, discussions and general help that goes into making and maintaining this wallet is entirely supported by volunteer efforts from the community mentioned above and relies on donations only.

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