What if you make a mistake?

All transactions that are confirmed on the Bitcoin network are immutable and cannot be changed.

All Counterparty transactions are Bitcoin transactions.

All actions broadcasted to the network are irreversible so it is important to verify all aspects and use these functions are your own risk and in the same manner you would verify any Bitcoin transaction details.

There is only one circumstance with all of the actions of Freewallet that is "reversible" and that is if you accidently mint a token to be divisible (when you wanted it to be nondivisible) or when you mint a nondivisible asset (when you wanted it to be divisible).

In this case you will have to own 100% of an asset, you also are required to be the owner of the asset and it is also required that the asset is not locked.

To clarify again, in this specific circumstance:

  • You must own the entire issuance of a token

  • Be the token issuer (or acquire token ownership)

  • The token will need to be unlocked. Locking a token is irreversible.

  • This feature is called the "Reset" feature and is a very recent addition to the network and was implemented after the Destroy function became operable.

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