What’s an Ordinal?

Ordinals use recent Taproot upgrade to mint inscriptions on individual Satoshi’s (the smallest unit of Bitcoin you can transact).

While the use of writing descriptions using Ordinals Inscription Format is drafted to be supported with CIP 25, Taproot addresses are not supported at this time by Freewallet or xchain.

Keep in mind that while Freewallet does support the creation of Taproot addresses, it is NOT recommended to use Ordinals on Freewallet Taproot addresses at this time as it may cause a loss of funds (due the UTXO of the Ordinal accidently being sent).

Though many strides have been made recently to update the Counterparty protocol to support Taproot addresses (and Ordinal Inscriptions) in the future.

Learn more about Ordinals at the Ord Github Page.

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