What else do I need to know?

All encryption is handled client-side. Neither your passphrase nor any of your private information ever leaves your instance of Freewallet. This also means that there is no password recovery, so make sure you do not lose your passphrase.

We repeat, the ONLY way to access anything you have received or created using Freewallet is your 12-word passphrase or your address specific Private Key. Do NOT share your passphrase or any private keys with anyone or any website.

It is important to always verify and back up your 12-word passphrase as well as private keys from any addresses you have imported.

Preferably on a physical piece of paper and not, for instance, saved to a text file on the desktop of your computer. How addresses are seen and accessed in Freewallet can be learned in the Viewing, Creating and Importing Addresses section of this User Manual.

While Counterwallet was historically the first Counterparty wallet, Freewallet is the most recommended and updated Counterparty wallet at this time. Though some features like Multi-sig addresses and Armory wallet implementation (which are not popular at this time and used much less) are only available using Counterwallet and not Freewallet.

To see all recommended and reputable Counterparty wallets or Counterparty “skins” please review the list posted here on the official Counterparty website as shown in the screenshot above.

While some different wallets support certain Counterparty features (such as Numeric assets like Stamps), keep in mind your Counterparty style seed phrase or your BIP-39 seed phrase can be used in different wallets and will show you the same information related to your address. Though keep in mind it is considered highly risky and a bad idea to enter your passphrase across multiple places. It is the safest to always create a new wallet when using other wallet providers.

To learn more about wallet creation and import regarding Counterparty and BIP-39 seed phrase types, read through the Creating a Wallet section of this User Manual.

Please ensure that the use-case you are aiming for is legal within your jurisdiction, and seek professional legal advice when starting a project.

Please review the License Agreement in detail before starting use with Freewallet Functions.

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