I sent/dispensed an XCP asset to a Wrapped Segwit Address (address beginning with "3")

At the moment on a protocol level, Wrapped Segwit Addresses (or addresses beginning with "3") are supported by Counterparty but Freewallet does not support signing those transactions at this time.

Another developer by the name of JP Janssen (JPJA) has developed an OP_Return builder for Wrapped Segwit addresses, but at the moment this is experimental. You can read more about this open-source process on the Electrum-Counterparty Github page.

JP has also even developed a process to Reverse Engineer Counterparty transactions.

It is recommended to get into contact with JPJA to better help experiment with these advanced technical processes.

If you find yourself in a situation that an XCP asset has been sent to a Wrapped Segwit Address and you are looking to access this token, it would be best at this time to wait until a further release of Freewallet that supports Wrapped Segwit Addresses so they can be used for all Counterparty functions.

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