My MacOS/Windows is saying Freewallet is not verified by the app store. What should I do?

This is shown because the Freewallet Desktop version has no "signed binaries" with the Apple Mac Store or with Microsoft Apps.

Jdog has mentioned getting these 'signed binaries' all situated for the next Freewallet version. Which would also clear up this Mac issue as well as this Windows issue.

This also includes having to pay the Apple/MacOS team $99 a year to have a verification certificate.

To get around this flag:

  • Open Freewallet Desktop

  • When the error is seen navigate to your "Settings" on your Mac device

  • Click the "Privacy" tab

  • Click "Open Anyway" to tell your device Freewallet Desktop is okay to run.

This process is also mentioned in the Where can I access Freewallet? section.

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