Resetting Your Token Issuance

This feature is a very recent addition to the Counterparty Protocol as well as Freewallet. This feature only will work if you as the user under these circumstances:

  • Possess the Token Ownership of a asset

  • Possess the ENTIRE supply of the token

  • The token is UNLOCKED

This feature is usually used when a user accidently made the token Divisible when they meant it to be Non-Divisible or vice versa. It could also be of use if the user would like to change the total supply of an asset without destroying some or issuing more tokens for a cleaner token history experience.

To use the Reset feature in Freewallet first navigate to the Actions tab in the upper right and select "Reset Supply"

From here a pop-up window will show which will give you the option to input your Source address.

Which will have to be the address that has the specific requirements stated above (Ownership, Entire Supply). From here you will input the Token Name you would like to reset.

Then input the fee desired for this reset process. If you don't know what fee to use, reference the What BTC Fee should I use? section of this User Manual.

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