How do you create a Burn Address for use on Counterparty?

This process is considered an advanced one for new users and it is recommended to do your own research and educate yourself before doing so.

This education is useful though because the Counterparty Burn address that initially created the supply of XCP used this type of burn address. Learn more about the history of Counterparty and "Proof of Burn".

A significant amount of past and current projects on Counterparty have used burn addresses for many uses. Learn more about this process in this Counterparty Forum post.

The process involves generating an address so it can never be accessed or imported to any wallet ever.

This mean you are trying to create a “burn” address that is "valid" and shows you have “nothing up your sleeve.”

We recommend educating yourself with this post.

When you understand the process, we recommend using this python script if you wish to create a burn address.

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