What is the Automatic Donation System? How do I turn it off?

Freewallet and Counterparty development is a public service to the Counterparty and Bitcoin community. Jeremy Johnson (Jdog) is the developer of Freewallet and relies on donations only. The first moment you sign in or create a wallet in Freewallet, a message appears

This feature is entirely optional but is automatically set to on. In the settings you can choose which Fund to support by using Freewallet:

If you would like to turn ADS off, please follow this instruction:

Navigate to the “Settings” icon in the upper right

Click the “Preferences” tab. Set the Auto-Dontate button to Disabled – Do Not Donate

In the Auto-Donate field you can enable to donate on all transactions, on 75%, 50%, or 25% of all transactions while using Freewallet. You can also pick the specific Counterparty Fund you would like to donate to under the “Cause” dropdown menu. Lastly you can choose exactly how much BTC will be donated each time ADS is used.

If you wonder where donated funds go, check out current and future Counterparty Improvement Proposals which is the main focus of the community for received donations. You can also join the conversation in the Official Freewallet Telegram, Counterparty Telegram, and Counterparty Twitter or you can even fork the protocol and begin experimenting yourself!

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