Using the Multi Send function

The Multi Send function is similar to the Send function but is a separate tab. This is primarily used for sending multiple amounts of tokens to multiple amounts of addresses.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE that Multi-Sends when using a Trezor with Freewallet are not working at the moment

To access Multi Send, first right-click any token on the left panel and begin the process for a Simple Send.

Next, navigate to the Multi Send tab on the top of the popup window.

Here you can verify the source address in which you are sending next to the input “Source.” If you would like to change the address you are sending from, click the notepad with pencil icon to the right of the sending address on the “Source” input.

The ”Send List” input is a CSV formatted separated list of funds and a list of recipients who will be receiving funds from you. It is important to use the exact List Format as shown in Freewallet which is:

Address, Asset, Quantity, Memo (optional)

For example this might look like this with a memo at the end:

1FWDonkMbC6hL64JiysuggHnUAw2CKWszs, TEST, 1, donation

1FWDonkMbC6hL64JiysuggHnUAw2CKWszs, EXAMPLE, 10, donation2

bc1q0ssapwdzezj5la5gv6q2j06p4pmekrdcwz03l0, EXAMPLE2, 1, donation 3

bc1q0ssapwdzezj5la5gv6q2j06p4pmekrdcwz03l0, XCP, 1.00000000, donation divisible asset

Here is the same example without using the “Memo” field, in which you are not required to put the “,” at the end of the line item:

1FWDonkMbC6hL64JiysuggHnUAw2CKWszs, TEST, 1

1FWDonkMbC6hL64JiysuggHnUAw2CKWszs, EXAMPLE, 10

bc1q0ssapwdzezj5la5gv6q2j06p4pmekrdcwz03l0, EXAMPLE2, 5

bc1q0ssapwdzezj5la5gv6q2j06p4pmekrdcwz03l0, XCP, 1.00000000, donation divisible asset

Please take not that for Divisible Assets, such as XCP you must include all decimal points in the send. All Divisible assets can have 8 total decimals and all decimals must be included when filling the multisend form (ex. 1.00000000).

Keep in mind the “Memo” option is public and viewable on the blockchain so keep any personal information out of this field you would not like to be shown on public block explorers.

Next step is to pick your Fee used for this transaction. It is possible in large Multi-Send’s to have multiple transactions, so the fee you picked will be used as the fee for each transaction. If you have more questions about what type of Fee to use, please reference What Type of BTC fee should I use?.

After pressing “Send Funds” Freewallet will pop up a confirmation asking if the details look correct. After you press “Yes” your transaction(s) will be broadcast to the Bitcoin network

You will now be able to see this transaction in the Unconfirmed tab on xchain as referenced before in the Sending / Receiving XCP and User Created Tokens section.

Once the transaction is confirmed you can verify and reference the transaction on to see the details of your Multi Send.

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