Understanding Dispenser Markets

Freewallet integrates a new Counterparty feature called Dispensers that allow for all Tokens and Subassets to be “Dispensed” by sending BTC to a specific Dispenser address. This function was released when CIP 21 was added to the Counterparty protocol. Be careful and DO NOT dispense XCP assets using an exchange wallet (such as Coinbase) as they will automatically be dispensed into the address the BTC was sent from.

This function is entirely separate from BTC/TOKEN pairs and the BTCpay function. To learn more about the BTCpay check out the Understanding BTCpay and BTC/TOKEN on the DEx section.

Freewallet shows two tabs for the XCP and PEPECASH Dispensers available, but any token can be set up in a dispenser and dispensed at any price the seller choses

Freewallet first shows a tab for any open dispensers you have created on the address selected under the “My Dispensers” tab. Freewallet also shows two tabs for the XCP and PEPECASH Dispensers available, but any Token can be dispensed using this feature

To add a Token you would like to view the Dispensers of, simply click the gear icon in the top right and select “Add Dispenser Watchlist.

You can sort through these available dispensers by clicking the “BTC Price” column and other columns to sort the information the way you want.

You can also search the Dispenser available for any Asset by viewing its Asset page on xchain and clicking the “Dispensers” tab on it’s token page

Above is an example of the XCP Asset page with the “Dispensers” tab clicked to view available dispensers. Keep in mind there is complete freedom for a seller to Dispense not just 1 whole token in a dispenser, but also fractions of tokens (such as XCP). It is up to you the user, to read the information correctly and understand how many tokens will Dispenser when sending BTC to these dispensers. Below is a good example:

When organizing the Dispensers for XCP in Freewallet by 'BTC price' as shown with the blue arrow, the cheapest dispensers actually are dispensing only fractions of an XCP per dispense (as shown in the red box). If you are looking to dispense 1 single XCP per BTC price (as shown in the blue box), make sure you are reading the information shown with a very keen eye before making any purchases. To learn more about this buying process for Dispenser Markets, review Buying XCP and User Created Tokens from a Dispenser

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