I logged in and see none of my assets but I see them on xchain!

Since Freewallet is a deterministic wallet, if you signed in with your 12-word seed phrase and do not see your assets, you must first recheck you used the correct seed phrase that you backed up when creating your wallet.

  • It is most possible you have made a spelling mistake or used the wrong word and Freewallet simply “created a new wallet” from that new deterministic seed phrase.

  • If you are certain you have correct seed phrase, it is possible your server settings to update your balances is not updating. Please see How do I check my Freewallet Server Settings? and make sure you are one of the default recommended settings.

  • If you have verified the seed phrase is correct as well as the address that Freewallet is populating for you, it could be that Freewallet is simply not loading the asset data from xchain for some reason. It is always best to look up your address and your Counterparty tokens on other Counterparty Block Explorers such as xcp.dev and xcp.io

If you updated Freewallet and had added addresses that are not currently showing and that were "added addresses" (not the first 10 segwit and first 10 legacy addresses automatically), use the "Add Address" function to re-propagate them into your wallet. After updating through certain versions, any imported addresses will be lost and will have to be imported again. Imported addresses are from different deterministic seed phrases.

The details of both are explained in detail in the Viewing, Creating and Importing Addresses section of this User Manual.

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