Cancelling Exchange Orders

To learn more about how to navigate and read the Counterparty Decentralized Exchange in Freewallet, read through The Decentralized Counterparty Exchanged (DEx) section of this User Manual.

This Cancelling Exchange Order(s) process applies to all BTCpay markets (BTC/TOKEN), XCP markets (XCP/TOKEN) and all Token markets (TOKEN/TOKEN2).

To cancel any orders you have up on the Counterparty DEx, navigate to the Exchange pair where your order is live.

In the bottom right side of the Exchange pair you will the “My Open Orders” box that will show your active order and its details. Simply click the red “X” on the right side to cancel your order.

This will now show the Confirm Cancel Order pop-up:

Here you will be prompted to set your fee for this transaction. If you are in a hurry to close this order (and access the token that was in escrow in the order quickly) it is recommended to use a High fee. To learn more about what fee to use, check out the What BTC Fee should I use? section of this User Manual.

Once the transaction has confirmed your order will be cancelled and your funds returned to you that were a part of your open order.

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