I sent BTC (or a Token) to Freewallet, why doesn't it show up?

There are a few reasons why Tokens or BTC has not shown up in your wallet:

  • The Token(s) or the BTC was not sent

  • The Token(s) or the BTC has not arrived yet because the transaction is unconfirmed

  • Or the UI in Freewallet is not showing it just yet

To check your BTC transactions, use a Bitcoin blockchain explorer (for example blockstream.info or mempool.space) and input your public address to see the public history of all of your transactions.

If it's not on a blockchain explorer as confirmed or unconfirmed with a Transaction ID, it has not been sent yet.

If a transaction shows as “Unconfirmed” it means it has not arrived to your wallet just yet. It will need to be confirmed by the Bitcoin blockchain. Freewallet will show the asset(s) in your wallet after 1 confirmation from the Bitcoin network.

You can also use xchain.io or any Counterparty block explorers to see your pending Counterparty related orders. When you are at your address page on xchain.io you can click the “More” tab on the right side to view your confirmed Orders, confirmed Sends and your Unconfirmed Counterparty transactions.

In the event you have verified that this BTC transaction is confirmed and in your wallet, but is not showing on your User Interface for Freewallet you can try a few things:

Sometimes it helps to select the “History” tab on the top of Freewallet and press the “Refresh” icon if you know the transaction has already been confirmed by the Bitcoin Network. You can also use the gear icon on the 'Balances' page to refresh as well.

After that, try closing and restarting the program.

In the event restarting the program doesn't work, try restarting your computer entirely.

In very few circumstances that none of the above has worked to fix how the Freewallet UI is showing your balance, you can always import your 12-word phrase of address specific private key into a different BTC and try your BTC transaction there. Most of the Counterparty Community recommends using Electrum for BTC specific functions.

If this desired transactiob is of the upmost importance and is a Counterparty function, you can always also try importing your 12-word phrase and try in a different Counterparty wallet like rarepepewallet.wtf. See the list of Counterparty Supported wallets on the Counterparty Wallets Webpage.

To learn more about verifying this process and how Confirmations on the Bitcoin Network work please reference this post.

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