Closing a Dispenser

It is possible to close a dispenser right from the My Dispenser tab in the Dispensers section of Freewallet. It will require a Bitcoin transaction to do so and comes with a bit of responsibility when doing so.

It is important to first note ANY unconfirmed transactions on your dispenser before you close it. Though it is possible to close a dispenser before someone’s dispense has finished (especially if they used too low of a fee), if you do not refund the funds sent from Unconfirmed Dispenses it is seen as a very disrespectful and a fraudulent action to do to your buyers.

To check if there are any unconfirmed Dispenses, view your Dispenser on and click the "Unconfirmed" tab at the bottom of the page:

Since all of these transactions are publicly broadcasted on the Bitcoin blockchain, this data will be easy to access and unchangeable in the future.

It is much more responsible to openly express you are in control of the dispenser and will accurately address if any buyer issues arise because of transaction fee’s or unconfirmed dispenses

To close a dispenser, first navigate to the address you have the Open Dispenser on.

Then go to the “Dispensers” tab on the top of Freewallet.

Here you will see the option to “Close” your dispenser on the right side. Simply click that red button and Freewallet will pop up this prompt:

Here you can choose your BTC fee you would like to use. If you are wondering what BTC fee to use, check out the What BTC fee should I use? section of this User Manual.

After you click yes, the transaction will be sent to the Bitcoin network and when it is confirmed your Dispenser will now be closed. You can also verify this is the case by viewing the dispenser on

You will now be able to freely send and access the token(s) in the address the Dispenser was on.

This feature is still in discussion and many Community Members have voiced their opinions on making this feature better in the future. Please check out the Counterparty Forums and the Counterparty CIP Github for more information on this discussion.

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