Where can I access Freewallet?

Freewallet is available at Freewallet.io. There is a desktop version, a mobile version and a browser extension of Freewallet.

Freewallet Mobile Version is a verified app in the Apple Mac Store.

It is recommended by the community to use the Desktop Version as it includes a significant amount of features the Mobile Version does not. All versions are open-source and downloadable at the official Freewallet Github Releases page.

Since the desktop version is the most updated with recent additions to the Counterparty code, all help and tutorials in this User Manual are currently for the Desktop Version 0.9.31 on Mac OS, Linux or Windows OS.

  • For Linux 32 bit operating system download - FreeWallet.linux32.tgz

  • For Linux 64 bit operating system download - FreeWallet.linux64.tgz

  • For Windows 7/10/11 32 bit operating system download - FreeWallet.win32.exe

  • For Windows 7/10/11 64 bit operating system download - FreeWallet.win64.exe

  • For Mac operating system download - FreeWallet.osx64.dmg

  • The Source Code and Checksums are also included in all releases

Always be careful and always verify the software is from Freewallet.io which is the official site for download and the Freewallet Desktop Version is NOT available in the Apple Mac Store, only the older and outdated Freewallet Mobile Version.

You can find a list of all updates for both Mobile and Desktop here.

The more updated and recent Desktop Version is still flagged on Mac OS Desktop with a banner stating “This App is not from the App Store” message. This issue is already documented in the Freewallet Github Issues section.

  • Please refer to Apple support for guidance to correctly install Freewallet Desktop Version. The process includes going to your "Settings" - then "Privacy" - and then clicking "Open Anyway".

  • After mounting the Freewallet .dmg on Mac OS Desktop it is important to drag the Freewallet app to the ‘Applications folder.’

  • A similar security flag also occurs when using Windows, and is due to this issue of signed binaries explained in the Freewallet Github.

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