Signing a Transaction Using Freewallet

Freewallet lets you also manually Sign Transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain using the Counterparty API. This feature has the option to Sign a Transaction and also broadcast this signing publically on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Please keep in mind this feature is for only advanced Bitcoin users that understand and know how to read and sign transaction hex's. Please be careful of what you do with this function. The provider of the hex you are signing can STEAL ALL YOUR FUNDS if you broadcast. Prefer the use of our built-in features (like Auto-BTC pay for BTCpay orders) as mentioned in all other areas of this User Manual.

You should never blindly sign an unsigned transaction hex without first decoding it and verifying it is what you want to sign. Especially if you did not create said transaction hex yourself. Anyone can create a transaction that "says" a function will happen, but only the private key holder signature (which is YOU as the user signing a transaction) makes this function broadcast-able and mineable to the network.

It is helpful to first read a transaction and its contents in full by using a hex decoder like this one made by Jdog but the responsibility of signing a transaction manually is soley at the user's discretion.

Please note it is recommended here to only use this hex decoder mentioned above for use with Freewallet as it is community trusted and decodes Bitcoin and Counterparty hex information into a readable JSON format.

A good example of an automated way this is used in Freewallet is for features like signing a BTCpay transaction though only when pressing the "Auto-BTC pay" function is this is done automatically by Freewallet. The function mentioned below is for manually signing transactions.

To Sign a Transaction first navigate to the top right of Freewallet and select “Actions.” Then select the “Sign Transaction” button:

Here a pop-up titled “Sign Transaction” will appear.

  • The Source input is the address you are using to sign the transaction.

  • The Unsigned Transaction is where you input the transaction details you wish to sign.

  • Click “Sign” and the Signed transaction input will now be visible in the Signed Transaction section of this popup

  • You also have the option to Broadcast this Transaction signing to the Bitcoin blockchain.

Again, please keep in mind this is for advanced users only that know how to sign transaction hex's and understand the provider of the hex you are signing can STEAL ALL YOUR FUNDS if you broadcast a signed transaction without knowing what you are doing.

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