Displaying the Seed Phrase and Private Key of your Address(s)

If you would like to show the private key of an address that is currently being displayed on Freewallet, click “Address Actions” and click “View Private Key."

Make sure nobody can see your screen when you view your private keys for any address.

While this Private Key is not the 'password' or 12 seed-passphrase, this is the password for this specific address. Only YOU can keep this information safe. Below is how your private key will be shown to you, but the fact you are seeing this specific private key for this address right now in this User Manual means this address below is 100% compromised and should not be used, ever.

You can also view your private key for all individual addresses quicker by right-clicking the address in your “Change Address” list to either View Address or View Private Key.

Always remember to keep these private keys safe, just like you would of your 12-word passphrase.

Please take note: Any new addresses (not a part of the original 20) that are created or imported will not automatically load in from the passphrase alone if you log out of Freewallet or lose your device. These can be re-added by simply adding the addresses back into your UI. Read more about this process in the section titled Viewing, Creating and Importing Addresses. Each individual address has its own private key and if it is an imported address (not created within this specific Freewallet seed) then it is a top priority to mark down and save any private keys from imported addresses.

Another aspect to be aware of is that the private keys for your Segwit Address #1 is simply the private key for your Legacy Address #1 but with the prefix "p2wpkh:" before it.

This is simply how Segwit private keys work, and is very useful to know.

To view your passphrase (which is the deterministic 'password' for ALL of the addresses in your wallet), navigate to the “Settings” icon in the upper right and make sure you are clicked on the “Wallet” tab.

Make sure nobody can see your screen when you view your private keys for any address or your seed-phrase.

Your passphrase is not visible until you click the button that resembles an eye. If you locked your wallet with a password, you will be prompted to enter it now.

It is important to make sure your wallet is password protected and locked as mentioned in the Locking and Unlocking your Freewallet section so this function and all other immutable functions are secured.

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