Locking and Unlocking Your Freewallet

Freewallet offers you to create a password for the device which you are using Freewallet. This password is never broadcast or shared and is kept internally on your device. This password will not be needed to recover your wallet if your device is lost.

This password is only for accessing the irreversible functions on the Freewallet software. This password can be reset by logging out of your wallet and re-entering your 12 word seed phrase.

To lock your wallet so it will need a password entry for any action click the “Lock” icon in the upper right of Freewallet

If this is your first time locking your account you will prompted to create a password

Your wallet password must contain at least 1 number:

Once you have set a password you will be prompted with the popup:

To use all of the immutable functions in Freewallet, as well as accessing your seed-phrase or private key, you will now need to unlock your wallet

Use the same process to unlock your wallet: Click the “Lock” icon in the upper right of Freewallet and enter the password you created when you first clicked the lock

You will be prompted with the popup

Once the correct password is inputted, this popup will appear:

Some older versions have a bug that does not unlock your wallet when entering your custom created password. The fix has been out for a few versions and is explained in detail how to fix in this section.

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