Exploring Balances, History, Exchange and Dispensers

Freewallet has four separate tabs in the top area of the user interface: Balances, History, Exchange and Dispensers.

The Balances tab shows your Bitcoin, XCP and Named Asset balances. It will NOT show Numeric assets or any type of asset with 0 issuances (no tokens minted) at this time. To learn more about your Balances tab, check out the Address Balances section of this User Manual.

The History tab will show you the unconfirmed and confirmed history of your Bitcoin, XCP and Named Asset actions you have performed using Counterparty functions. Keep in mind Freewallet is just using the information already shown on the xchain.io Counterparty block explorer. Learn more about the History tab in the Address History section of this User Manual.

The Exchange tab will show you the entire Counterparty Decentralized Exchange data as well as the BTCpay exchange data. This is where you can trade Counterparty assets, XCP and BTC interchangeably. Keep in mind the BTC/TOKEN pairs have their own unique set of rules and you must be educated in how they work before creating BTC/TOKEN pairs. Learn more about The Decentralized Counterparty Exchange (DEx) and the BTCpay and BTC/Token pairs in their respective sections of this User Manual.

The Dispensers tab will show you the data regarding all Counterparty Dispensers, which can be 'dispensed' by sending the correct amount of Bitcoin to an open dispenser address. This function, despite it being vastly different than BTC/TOKEN pairs, is used very often on the Counterparty network. This option should also be taken with caution and care due to sending with the correct fee and understanding the risks of buying from Dispensers. Learn more about using Dispensers by reading the Understanding Dispenser Markets in this User Manual.

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