Signing a Message Using Freewallet

Freewallet lets you manually sign messages with your address. This function can also be done when Freewallet is entirely offline. Signing a message is done offline and is not broadcast to the blockchain.

This is most commonly used to validate that you are in fact in control of your address.

This can be used to "sign in" to websites like and other uses include the "proof of ownership" of tokens you hold on that address.

This cryptographic measure to prove your identity/control over the address you sign from is a valuable tool.

Signing messages are much different than Signing Transactions (which are considered risky to loss of funds). It is best to correctly and thoroughly understand the difference.

A great example of how this sign message feature is used by creators to access the website can be found in this informative video made by RobotLoveCoffee.

To Sign a message first navigate to the top right of Freewallet and select “Actions.” Then select the “Sign Message” button:

Next, the Sign Messsage popup will appear and give you a few inputs to review.

  • You have the choice here to change the Source address of signing the message.

  • Next you will input the Message into the Message field

  • After you sign the message your address specific Signature will complete in the Signature field of this window, this Signature will be what you use to sign in to the websites mentioned before.

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