"Error While Trying to Broadcast Transaction"

First off, this is the most common error to be shown in Freewallet.

This error can happen for various reasons and can mean many things.

  • The first thing to try would be to wait a moment then try sending your transaction again. This will not “double spend” your order as you will receive a confirmation popup when your order goes through. If you saw this message stating "Error while trying to broadcast Transaction", then the transaction did not go through.

  • If this messages pops up more than a few times after waiting some time and you have no luck, try a restart of Freewallet and try again.

  • Try toggling any VPN you are using off or on.

  • If this issue is still persisting, try a restart of your computer.

  • The next thing to do would be to make sure your Server Settings are on the correct values. Please reference How do I check my Freewallet Settings? and make if you changed these values to set them back at one of the default recommended values shown.

  • In the event all of the above fixes did not help, it can be helpful to tweak the BTC amount sent or BTC fee you are using and to try again. This may not be what the user intends to do, but it can help solve this error if the user is willing to change some inputs slightly for their use in this attempted transaction.

  • If you are still having issues, try updating your Freewallet to the most recent version. Many issues and problems get fixed just by using the most recent version.

  • In some cases (not often) this error can show because the BTC in your wallet is ‘fragmented’ and the total balance you see is actually been split up into many smaller parts which are called UTXO’s (Unspent Transaction Output’s).

If none of these options have fixed the issue and you are still having this issue please reference Failure to send not enough BTC in Wallet about consolidating your UTXO’s as this could be the issue.

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