Starting an Exchange Pair that has no orders up yet on the DEx

If you find that a market has no orders (that are currently open or has ever had an open order in its history) you can be the first one to put an order up for that pair.

Let’s for example, use the market pair TEST/PEPECASH.

To find the market pair in Freewallet, simply manually type in the Market Pair into the search bar:

This will take you to the order page for this pair as shown below:

As you can see, there are No Trades Found for this pair as no user has created an order for it.

You can now simply use the Buy TOKEN or Sell TOKEN orders boxes to create the order you wish to put up for this pair and it will show in the My Open Orders tab as well as the blockchain.

Please reference how to do this correctly and in depth by reading the Buying and Selling Tokens on the XCP DEx section of this User Manual.

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