How do I use Freewallet to mint an Emblem Curated Vault?

Freewallet is a great tool to be able to send your XCP asset to a Curated Emblem Vault for sale on Opensea and other Ethereum platforms.

The projects supported by Emblem Vault at this time are Rare Pepe, Fake Rare, Fake Commons, Age of Rust, Dank Rare's and a few other options from the Counterparty Community.

The process is pretty simple, but coming from a Counterparty background, some steps can be confusing and vastly different than Counterparty functions.

A great place for video tutorials and information about Emblem Vaults is their Youtube Channel.

For instance, here is a great video tutorial of how to mint a Rare Pepe Emblem Vault that will hold a Counterparty asset:

Another great video to watch if you have recently bought an Emblem Vault with a Counterparty asset and would like to 'crack' or unlock the vault and move the asset using Freewallet, this video below will give you a good overview of the process:

Check out this extensive tutorial for a written tutorial when using Freewallet to mint Curated Emblem Vaults. It also includes some good information on how to Revoke Permissions when using an Ethereum Wallet.

To view price action of XCP and ETH sales of some of the main Counterparty assets that are sold across different blockchains, check out: and

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