Address History

Freewallet shows your history of Bitcoin and Counterparty actions and is displayed on History tab.

Keep in mind your wallet is simply pulling your BTC information from the blockchain anyway, so looking up your public address on a Bitcoin Block explorer will always show you the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding your Bitcoin activity. Some common BTC block explorers: - -

Depending on the speed at which blocks are solved and the BTC fee that you choose to use, it could take anywhere from 2 minutes to many hours for your actions to be confirmed.

If you have questions about what fee to use make sure you check out What BTC fee should I use? in the Getting Started section. For your address history pertaining to the Counterparty tokens on your address, a Counterparty block explorer will always show you the most up to date information if your wallet has not updated to the most recent block just yet. The most common explorers to check that info are: - (does not show Numeric tokens, or tokens with 0 supply) - - -

Note also there is a refresh button in the upper left side of the left panel. This is useful, but it is important to wait a few minutes (or more) so your transactions can be verified on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The bottom of Freewallet will show you which BTC block the wallet has updated to as well as how long ago that was.

At this time, Freewallet is using the xchain API, so keep note that your Numeric tokens (Stamps included) and tokens with 0 supply will not show in the Freewallet User Interface. This does NOT mean you cannot access them, initiate Counterparty specific functions with those tokens using Freewallet (such as sending or changing token properties).

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