Issuing more Token Units

You can issue more units of your created token as often as you like as long as the token is unlocked. Each time you do this it will be publicly viewable in the blockchain. It is not possible to issue more tokens if the token is locked or not owned by you.

  • Divisble assets are divisible to 8 decimal places.

  • The limit of maximum issuance is 92,233,000,000 for either Divisible or Non-Divisible assets.

This process below is also the required way to issue more Token Units of an Asset with 0 issuance. Please see the Why can't I see my assets I own or created with 0 issuance? section of this User Manual.

To issue more Token Units of an asset you own on Freewallet, navigate to the top right “Actions” icon and select the action “Issue Supply”.

You can also right click the Asset in the left panel and select “Issue TOKEN supply". (This process from the left panel won't be possible with assets that currently have 0 tokens issued)

Here you input the amount of tokens you would like to issue at this time into the “Amount” input. You can also choose the BTC Fee you wish to use. If you have questions about what BTC fee to use please reference the What BTC Fee should I use? section of this User Manual.

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