What is an Asset/Token/NFT? How can I store them?

Assets (also known as tokens, coins or even NFT’s) are user-created tokens that are stored inside the Bitcoin blockchain using Counterparty technology.

Anyone can create their own.

All Freewallet addresses are regular Bitcoin addresses.

You can store BTC, XCP, and user created assets on any Legacy or Segwit address.

Any cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin that have their own blockchain are not supported as Counterparty only uses the Bitcoin blockchain to broadcast blockchain data. Any other blockchain is separate from the Bitcoin blockchain and thus entirely separate from Counterparty, XCP and Counterparty Assets.

To “store” these assets, simply send them or have them sent to your new Freewallet Bitcoin address.

To understand the technical side of things for "storing" Counterparty assets, reference the Sending / Receiving XCP and User Created Tokens section of this user manual. If you received tokens using other Counterparty wallets such as Counterwallet, Rarepepewallet or other Counterparty wallets review the Viewing, Creating and Importing Addresses section of this user manual.

In fact, you can store any of these currencies on any regular Bitcoin address as well not made with Freewallet, provided that you have access to the private key of that address.

If you have made a Bitcoin wallet with a BIP-39 seed phrase, those addresses are also supported with Freewallet.

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