Changing the Token Description

You can change the description of your token as often as you like. All changes to a tokens description are public including the original description. These all will be publicly viewable in the blockchain. They can be viewed on on the Issuances tab:

Counterparty provides a simple standard Enhanced Asset Information and this standard and provides a way to point to more information that could not just be stored in the limited description text. If you would like to add images, video or other custom additional information in your description please reference the Exploring Token Information and Enhanced Asset Information.

To change a Token Description of an asset you own on Freewallet, navigate to the top right “Actions” icon and select the action “Change Description."

You can also right click the asset in the left panel and select “Change TOKEN description."

Here you can input the new Description you would like to change into the Token Description input. Just make sure to verify the Source address is correct as well as the Token Name.

You can only Change Token Descriptions of assets that you have Token Ownership for. Either you created the token first, or someone sent you the Token Ownership.

The maximum length of a Counterparty Asset description in Freewallet is 10000 single-byte characters long

It is important to keep in mind when using this function, that the Fee shown for the High amount might not be enough when broadcasting.

Long story short, it is best to use three times the recommended High fee when adding Token Descriptions. This is described in detail in the Creating a Counterparty Token section, and it is best to understand this issue by reading the My transaction is too low of an "Effective Fee Rate" section in the Troubleshooting / Issues section of this User Manual so you don't run into this issue either. You can also choose the Fee you wish to use. If you have basic questions about what BTC fee to use please reference What BTC Fee should I use?

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